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Standing In The Rain


Looking outside my window, all I see is grey

I'm watching the clouds roll by every day

We make a reservation, you say you'll be on time

I say I might be a little late

Well, I pull it together and brush my teeth, comb my hair

I stop to think and I can see you there

I think of the times you've waited just for me to care

I care about you

Checking the clock inside the room we call our own

I see that I'm late, I should get going

Hop on a local transit, spending all my change

But I can still hear the telephone

Well, I wanna go back but I'm halfway to the place where we will meet

And I'm half dead on my feet

And once I get there I see everything's the same

Here comes the rain

You left me standing

I should have guessed that you'd stand me up

Why did I even go now

And I guess it goes to show

The snow may well thaw out but it goes right down the drain

You left me, you left me, you left me, you left me

You left me standing in the rain

Husker Du

Standing In The Rain / Husker Du

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