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Oh, Bella (All Thats Hers)

Looking out at rows

Of slated roofs

Through the flowers on her window sill

Drifting back to days

Of horses hooves

And there she day dreams she is there still

Her walzing pup there used to be

But she says there's nothing much to do today

Oh! Yer! Hard to tell

Once you were a jealous lady love

Give it to every man

Of solemn standing

He's the one you're thinking of

Small brown dog

He's got a purse in his mouth

He's waiting at the crossing for the word to go

She waits too for someone to help her out

'Cause in a world so, so fast

She moves so slow

She gets her pension every week

But she says it's always here to keep today

He's the one you're thinking of

Humble Pie

Oh, Bella (All Thats Hers) / Humble Pie

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