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As Safe As Yesterday Is

Can I face tomorrow

With the, with the news you bring me

My soul feels cold like ice

A pinprick makes no pain

Oh, hear me, listen, help me

I felt our thing change

From love to something else

Well, how can it plague my mind

A pinprick makes no pain

Oh, hear me, listen, help me

I shall find myself

But I must have the time

To sow the seeds of something new

Farmer, farmer plough the field

Harvest, harvest all you can

A corn field smells so sweet

A pinprick makes no pain

Hear me, listen, help me

But to follow the weaver of dreams

Behind the sun that knows, it seems that

I'm foresworn--a naked troubadour

I sit at court and I sing

To the Princess of Beauty and Light

She favours me though I'm merely

A minstrel of the night

There on my right

Sits the King with his clowns

He pays to laugh

While his queen lives on downs

And the smile on his brow is the crown

Morning bird sing, fill my ears

With the joy of our sorrow unmasked

Lend me your wings for the sunrays of dawn

Are here to last

I take my leave, as I leave I must take

All I have seen in my dreams--then I wake

And it is as safe as yesterday is

Humble Pie

As Safe As Yesterday Is / Humble Pie

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