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(Im A) Road Runner

Thank you kindly

Well I just hope that we can come back here soon

Got this from our new disk--This is called...er

'Road Running, sky riding, do nothing, runners


Oh! Yes!

I wanna tell you the story of my life

It goes like this

I'm a road runner Baby

I've got to keep on moving on

Oh! Yes I said

I'm a road runner Baby

I can't stay--love goes along

I got to, I got to, oh yer

It's my music Honey

That I love

There ain't nobody loves you

Like I will

I'm a road runner Baby

I'm a road running, do nothing, sky riding runner

Oh! Yes!

Hear me right

I want ya I more happening tonight

I don't want no woman caring

If you don't behave

I don't won't no other woman

Getting into trouble

Now I'll tell ya how I feel

I don't want no woman

I don't care if she's tall or small

Fat, thin, I don't mean

If she's gonna try to tie me down

That would please me yer

Don't want a new lover right

Yer! Yer!

Oh! When the fuzz take my dancing shoes

That's when I get, oh! Yer!

When I get the ancient blues

I'm a road runner Baby

I'm a road running, sky riding, do nothing

Hear this!

Beat it out boys, come on

Let's have a bit more

I'm living with a monkey

My uncle was a junk king

Ain't that a bumkin

He liked to swim in junket

So I'm a monkey junkie

I'm a monkey junkie

Used to keep my junk now

Used to keep my junk now




Oh! Yer!

Hear me right

Hear me right

Oh! Yes

Get down boys

Do you feel good?









Humble Pie

(Im A) Road Runner / Humble Pie

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