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Romuald was the golden child and embraced

His king died in coldest winters war

His castle burned with flames of greed and wild desire

It should be his amberdawn

Romuald's hands covered his father's eyes

The battle was lost and he had no time to cry

While he should stand steadfast his ground until he'd loose

And he'd face his amberdawn

Romuald chose the way

For glory to the brave

Ancient black and fire sin

The fortress burned in silent din


Deceiving masks of the dogs of doom

Cathedral bells for his faithful tears

The saving grace, the smile on his face has condemned us

To burn our amberdawn

Hail this wiseman with fire

With gold and with steel

There's always one who will loose but will steal

He will steal the iron mask

Glory to the brave

Ancient black and fire sin

For glory to the brave

Human Fortress

Amberdawn / Human Fortress

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