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So Little Kindness

i can't believe it after so long

how can the memories really be gone

now i don't deny it's over

but why must you be so cold

i can't believe it

so little kindness

yeah baby that's too bad

saw you this evening out on the town

you went outta your way just to put me down

now why got this chip on your sholder

when i don't even love you no more

i can't belive it

so little kindness

baby it's sad

'cause we con't even talk about the little things

after this love we had

so little kindness

baby that's too bad

so sad child child

don't worry baby

i'm not gonna stand in your way

now that it's gone

our love is strong

no matter what you say

so little kindness

you're so blind

that you can't even recognize a real thing

when it was yours and mine

so little kindness

after all this time

so little kindness

baby it's sad

cause we can't even talk about anything

after what we once had

so little kindness

so little kindness

so little kindness

i'm looking for some kindness

i need some kindness

can i just have some kindness

give me some kindness

Хью Льюис

So Little Kindness / Хью Льюис

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