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I never think about you

Chris Hayes/John Pierce/Huey Lewis

Kinda Blue Music/Bob-A-Lew Songs/ Huey Lewis Music, ASCAP

When I wake up in the morning -- same old time

Believe it or not baby, you're the last thing on my mind

I don't miss the conversation -- there was nothin' left to say

Staring at the ceiling, you just can't live your life that way

Now I'm living by myself without a care in the world

I never think about you

And I'm happy as I've ever been -- well, I pretend I am

I never think about you

I don't remember -- you know I don't care

I don't even remember the color of your hair

I used to think I loved you - it was just a fantasy

I quit pretending that you mean anything to me

I don't remember how many times I've cried

Looking for reasons that we said goodbye

Хью Льюис

I never think about you / Хью Льюис

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