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Хью Льюис Хью ЛьюисАмериканский рок музыкант, песенник, актер


It's not too pretty, it's such a shame

These things always end the same

You don't deserve just what you'll get

But you ain't learnt your lesson yet

So what if he, said I love you

So what if he, thought he'd be true, well


Love, is whispered token, and

Hearts, were meant to be broken

City girl it's always this way

Romeo leaves with nothing to say

So what about you and your surprise

Come on babe and dry your eyes

When will you see that he was fool

When will you see he followed the rules, that

(Repeat Chorus)

You know that

(Repeat Chorus

Хью Льюис

Hearts / Хью Льюис

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