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Are You The Woman

*Are you the woman

The woman that

Are you the one

Will you love me through my thick and my thin

Will you love me when the chips are down

Through that I should know

Are you the woman to love me here tonight

And can you love me

Like your loving's on your mind

And are you the woman

And would you swear to me

You wouldn't take advantage

Of the love I give sincerely

Come on woMan make this love full time

Take this love into your heart

Make it the best that you can get

(* repeat)

**Are you the woman

Are you the woman that

Will you love me till the end of my time

Will you be mine if the chips are down

Through that I should know

Are you the girl to

Make me promises that might

Are you the woman

Can your dreams come to life

Cause if you're the woman

And you're really into me

You gotta make me this promise

That you'll never wait for security

***If you love me baby

Lay me down to sleep

Take this love that I give you honey

And say that it's always for keeps

(* repeat)

(** repeat)

(*** repeat)

Are you the woman

Уитни Хьюстон

Are You The Woman / Уитни Хьюстон

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