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X Files

Well if Jesus is your Lord

Then praise your God

If Islams your thing Allah U Akbar

And if you represent the six pointed star

Then my Heebs back home told me to say Shalom

I put grooves in the mix

I make moves like the Knicks

And take ya straight up the lane

I block out the frame

And then I freeze it

Believe it

You need it like Heron

Before you get ya fight on

Kid get your stare on

Here come the Dondada making ghettos red hotta

I drop the boom bata like Jake Lamatta

I can single you out

And isolate ya like Mono

Im undefeated like Rocky Marciano

Hit ya right below the belt

Now ya singing saprano

Talk what ya talk still you dont know what I know


Some fiend for ass

Some fiend for cash

Some do the knowledge

Some do the math

Some stick to the road

Some stray from the path

Some do the knowledge

Some do the math

Now East Coast


Money, whats the beef

Its goin down rough like swallowin teeth

I say word to Dim Lizzy

Kid I gets busy

And Ill knock all of y'all off this Wonderwall

Cause on a daily basis

I rock like Oasis

Bit the Beatles style from a fetus to a child

I kill fourteen billion cells puffin' L's

Stompin' devils on all nine levels of Hell

Check the transmission

Hear the transition

Observe the technition

INFI(?) Nightvision

Ya hot like reels

I lace my drug deals

As you scheme to check feels

On chicks in high heels

Its all bright and sunny

When ya holdin' big money

Buy my Sonics got Youth

Plus my Muds got Honey

I can be the King of Grunge if I blows my sponge away

Heres a little black spot on a sunny day

But y'all dont care if my souls up there

So come on and feel the sting from the true Pain King

House Of Pain

X Files / House Of Pain

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