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Womb To The Tomb


From the womb to the tomb

[Earth to dust]

From the earth to the moon

[The woman I trust]

And from the sea to the sky

[I see reflection]

And from the brain through the eye

[Another ???]

From the celtic tribes and highland plains

I hit you with the quickness like bad brains

I ain't blowin' no spikes, no queers, no dykes

Just the pale faced cracker in the high-top nikes

Don't bust 'em mics, you smokin' cannabis

And if it's God, stay off,in the sig I trust

You don't think I'll bust, you don't know my style

I got kids that'll hit ya on the low profile

I've been from 248 to East New York

My earth don't wear swine, I don't eat pork

Put down you silver platter, kid, come check the data

My crew's chalk full of free information

It's G, hide, neck'll be the destination

Glory be to God, one more prostration

The root and foundation of civilization



Divine Styler



Divine Styler

Now if knowledge is the essence of every man

Link 'em up with his wisdom so they understand

No matter who ya be set your culture free

'Cause it's the final hour, time to refine your power

We're all equal, livin' man is God

You can't destroy what I build, 'cause I'm on ???

That's my cipher, my atom is a sphere and a square

'Cause I'm here and I'm there

From the sea to the air


House Of Pain

Womb To The Tomb / House Of Pain

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