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Choose Your Poison (Remix)

I got rhymes finesse, I got rhymes galore

I got rhymes for peace, I got rhymes for war

I got rhymes for heads, I got rhymes for skins

I got rhymes, kid, your crew ain't got no wins

So step up if you wanna get your head cracked

Run up if you wanna get your skull knocked

Play the hard rock, baby get your ears boxed

I'll kill you all just like I was some small pox

I'll kill your livestock like I was the anthrax

Cut off your head like a chicken with the hand ax

Take some Zanax, get on the Prozac

Get off the ballsack

My anti-depressant is the star and the crescent

The style that I'm stressin' is a fine malt blessin'

By the lord, bless me, because I'm a sinner

And when I was in Jersey, J's mom had me over for dinner

She cooked me won tons and curried lamb

And when I ate it all up I said thank you ma'am

So next on the mic is Cockni O'Dire

Here's the ****in' fat dreads so yo, kumbuya


Cockni O'Dire

House Of Pain

Choose Your Poison (Remix) / House Of Pain

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