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Can I Buy You A Drink?

Once two individuals walked in a room

One looked at the other

but he doesn't know what to do

He'd better figure out his plan so

If he succeeds, he'll get what he needs

So he builds up the nerve to go

And talk to the girl

that he's been burning for

And he says, with a slightly boyish grin

I know that this sounds weird,

but you've just got to hear

I've got this fantasy,

just between you and me

Where we could spend the

night and all of the day

Doing all the things I just can't say

And in my fantasy, your kiss is heavenly

So I try to figure out any possible way

To make my fantasy come true one day

She politely denies his invitation

Just then another one hits the floor

One down and one to go

This time he must be smooth,

or he'll be pulling root

So he says please

Can I just buy you a drink

and I'll show you

That I'll do anything for one kiss

But before let me tell you this


Can I Buy You A Drink? / Hoobastank

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