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 Holy terror Holy terrorрок группа

Tomorrows End

Projectives of death falling from the sky

destroying humanity

as the mist of darkness rots the lives

evil's presence is seen

tartarus is rising through the earth

as darkness fills the world

voices are howing through the air

but no one speaks a word


The deamons curse rules the night with terror and disease

Bleeding souls captured in the sights shoadows of the beast

Mephistephilian boundaries trap the souls

who walk the night alone

no tomorrow except for those

who follow what they know

plutonium children attack the world

with lucifer at thier helm

ascending from the infernal empire

the spirits of doom take hold


The final day the final battle

the final judgement call

bleeding souls of armageddon

bloodshed plagues us all

blessed enough to see the light

blind enough to walk the night

tempting flames shall fly

who's the one to save your life

and turn the night to day

Holy terror

Tomorrows End / Holy terror

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