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You Gave Me Life (with That Look In Your Eyes)

(sylvester clarke)

Picked up the phone called there's no one at home

You said you'd be there for my call

Did i do right by staying home tonight

All i know is i'm so alone

You made a date said you wouldn't be late

That's when my hopes started to rise

I didn't really know ya you said "i wanna show ya"

And i believed that look in your eyes

Well you gotta give me life

You gave me life

You gotta give me life

With that look in your eyes


Went out on the street just a chance we might meet

The chance well it came to order

I saw you standing there baby without a care

Giving the same line to a guy on the corner

Don't know your name

Don't know your game

It's such a shame oh yeah



The Hollies

You Gave Me Life (with That Look In Your Eyes) / The Hollies

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