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Find Me A Family

I take my life one day at a time

So many dreams that come and go in my mind

Is this a new beginning a time when fools are winning

Everybody needs something to believe

The world we see is changing so fast

No guarantees how long does a feeling last

One look can tell a story

My future's waiting for me

Let it be with you make it all come true

And find me a family

Somewhere to go where I can belong

That special place that I can call my home

You know I'm gonna find it someday

Please let me stay

Find me a family

I gotta know that somebody cares

I need a chance I got so much to give

If you can find me a family

Find me a family

I live and hope and whisper a prayer

when I come home that you will be waiting there

It's just a breath away and all you have to say

is stay with me tonight

You know it sounds so right


Find me a family x6

The Hollies

Find Me A Family / The Hollies

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