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Джей Холидей Джей Холидей Американский музыкант, талантливый исполнитель музыки R&b.

Glass Bottom Boat

Glass bottom boat, take me away,

To a place that barely resembles today.

Sail with the wind point that bow where you please,

Just let the ocean show us the way.

Three days ago, I lost my mind;

We need to relax have a smoke and unwind.

You're our last chance for a trip to that paradise

We always were promised - but never did find.

It's OK. Say Goodbye. Summer Wind. My oh my.

I knew a girl, shiny and tall,

Carried her picture and never let it fall.

But here on this boat that don't matter at all,

'Cuz Elsa's at home hanging up on my wall.

Two (2) days ago, we played our last hand,

Now she's a memory erased in the sand -

The most spectacular girl in the land.

I can't believe I never told her I was in a band.

It's OK. Say Goodbye. Summer Wind. My oh my.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time,

And sit with my young self.

I'd tell him all the secrets that I've learned,

And calm so many

Childhood fears and teenage tears,

Underbed all monsters would disapear.

I'd show him that someday you'll be big and tall,

And stronger than you

Ever, ever dreamed before

And love is something more than just three words.

It's everything you're family would do for you

And the lengths that you'll go

Through to find the one for you

And she's out somewhere looking for you too...

It's all OK

Glass bottom boat, took us away,

To a place that barely resembles today.

Back to the place we can't be where you are,

Looks like the ocean took us too far.

Джей Холидей

Glass Bottom Boat / Джей Холидей

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