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Джей Холидей Джей Холидей Американский музыкант, талантливый исполнитель музыки R&b.

Every Time Im Away

Every time that I'm away

You know my thoughts they

Seem to scatter

A million miles away

To ones of you and

Your sweet letters

Every time I'm away

You know I can't stop thinking of her

Every time I'm away

About a hundred times a day

Doot doo do

So I see you cannot stay

(She don't know me at all)

You won't let my house be you home

And leave me all alone

(She don't know me)

You know this stuff makes me so crazy

(And it seems to happen)

Every time I'm away

You know I can't take much more of this

Every time I'm away

Seven weeks without a kiss

Doot doo do

Its everywhere we go

Ain't that the way its supposed to be?

Джей Холидей

Every Time Im Away / Джей Холидей

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