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whose porno you burn black

where is the needle

where is the gun

where is the bullet

i want some

where is the noose

turn it loose

where is your needle

i have

starts out like magic

some sick religion

that ain't no vulture

that's a fucking pigeon

she's got vultures in her hair

and blood and feathers

they are everywhere

you want a treat

they'll be deep

dead mound, drunken sleep

i got this porno that you burn

i'll be everywhere you turn

baby, there is a room

full of whores and death and you

i am waiting in that room

i am waiting, here for you

it's all horrors

it's all pain

it's all diseases

man, it's all the same

my little judist

my little twin

where you start

that's where life begins

she said, i want it now

you don't listen to what i say

just masturbate your life away

come back


whose porno you burn black / HOLE

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