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Something New

you want something new, something sweet

to rinse away the bitterness of

another day fading away

you want somthing new, something bright

to lighten up the shadows of your

darkest fears hovering near

you get so lonely lately, lonely and afraid

maybe nothing really good will ever come your way

you want something new, something hot

flames of passion buring all your

bridges down don't turn around

i lie awake and watch you toss and turn

i ask what's wrong, you turn away and say

it's not my concern

you want something new, something new

but there is nothing i can do to make

you see what you mean to me

cause you know i love you

and i know that's nothign new

that's nothing new

Сюзанна Хоффс

Something New / Сюзанна Хоффс

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