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So Much For Love

i got a marriage of convenience

i got the true cosmetic love

i got a set of circumstances

that only last as long as either party says it does

so much for love

so much for love

just kiss it off the moment you

decide you've had enough

so much for love

i've got the freedom lover's commitment

i got the true contemporary attitude

i got the modern understanding

that anyone is free to come and go

just as they choose

i got a contract to protect my labor

i got it worded so it always works out in my favor

got no loose ends to untangle

i got a written guarantee that covers every angle

so much for love

don't ask me to try a little tenderness

so much for love

you won't see any tears on my pillow

so much for love

i don't care if your aim is true

so much for love

why do fools fall in love

Сюзанна Хоффс

So Much For Love / Сюзанна Хоффс

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