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Only Love

you say that you can't take it anymore

someone hurt you so you close the door

put the lock on your heart and hide the key

gonna build yourself a wall of stone

gonna live there inside it all alone

and you say love's the last thing that you need

but every drop or rain that falls makes a flower grow

don't give up now, don't give up now

baby, don't you know

only love can leave you twisted inside

only love can make you glad you're alive

only love can mend a heart or break it

only love can make the tears tumble down

only love can turn your whole world around

only love, only love

so you sacrifice your trusting soul

so you can maintain complete control

when you're cold as ice you can't get burned

there's a chance you'll break each time you fall

but when you lose you faith, you lose it all

and it's gonan get lonely in your world

only love, you can't keep runnin' away

only love, you're gonna need it someday

only love, don't you know that's what we're here for

Сюзанна Хоффс

Only Love / Сюзанна Хоффс

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