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My Earthly Paradise

So long my earthly paradise,

So long to you.

So long my earthly paradise,

So long to you.

They says you've been poisoned,

they say you've been close down.

But I saw a light 'neath your door,

there's so many rumours on this side of town.

Who knows what that one is for.

So long my earthly paradise,

Blast Off Hotel.

I dreamed you, on rails of mercury,

drove you to Hell.

There's pig in the bedroom,

and pigs in the hall.

They're chewing away

at the wires.

And a mis-shappen God

in the deck chair outside,

where Josephine

used to relax.

My earthly cloud, that mountain home,

My angel of the sea.

There's nowhere else that I could roam

that means that much to me.

So long my earthly paradise,

Strangers hands.

Gathered gold off your pinacles,

on the sand.

The bastards that destroy our lives,

are sometimes just ourselves.

But mostly they're invisible,

I hope they fry in hell.

I hope you fry in hell

Робин Хичкок

My Earthly Paradise / Робин Хичкок

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