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Робин Хичкок Робин ХичкокАнглийский певец, вокалист и гитарист

Ghost Of Light

Sweet ghost of light, when you appear,

you fall around me, everywhere.

I see your face as you pass by,

as fragile as a dragonfly.

You jab me in the kidneys like,

a compass or an iron spike,

but I can't help belief in you,

because I love the things you do.

Sweet ghost of light, I've lived too long,

I'd die for you inside this song.

The sweetest death that I can dream.

Like petals flowing down a stream,

That turn to blood, as they dissolve,

it's all around you I revolve.

Sweet ghost of light, you'll never fade,

By nothing else are you betrayed.

You fill me 'til I'm empty and,

you empty me like grains of sand.

I love you more than anyone,

beneath the moon, beneath the sun

Робин Хичкок

Ghost Of Light / Робин Хичкок

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