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Executioner Of Love

Don't wait up any longer,

I'm not coming home.

You know you're always stronger,

when you're on you're own.

You said the sweetest things,

that's what you said.

Here's a relationship,

with a gun to its head.

I'm the executioner of love.

Our love has been found guilty,

our love is turning bad.

Before I pass the sentence,

have you anything to add?

It wasn't easy but,

it wasn't fun.

But when you start these things,

see what you've done.

You're the executioner of love,

You're the executioner.

Your childhood is over,

there's nowhere you can hide.

There's nowhere you can hide,

There's nowhere you can hide.

It crawls towards you bleeding,

begging for a kiss,

Even if you don't mean it,

it's only just a kiss.

I know how Judas felt,

but he got paid.

I'm doing this for free,

just like Live Aid.

I'm the executioner of love,

I'm the executioner of love,

I'm the executioner of love

Робин Хичкок

Executioner Of Love / Робин Хичкок

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