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Driving Aloud Radio Storm

Take a breath, take a breath, take a breath

Honey take it on me

'Cause your lungs are in terrible shape and it's easy to see

I've been X-raying you since you walked into here

You've got nothing to hope

You've got nothing to fear

Heartburn and chemistry and lung disease

Make mincemeat of your passion on days like these

And everything you say is like sugar

The sweeter it gets you know I lick it away


Radio forecst intermittent storms

Tidal waves that change their forms


With a knot in your heart you7re're afraid of the galaxy way

And I hand you a tape of my songs which you always mislay

And your diagram was nervous when I saw you on TV

You're so vulnerable, honey, now you're fatter than me

I've got a Harrison Ford poster rolled up in my desk

I'd sign it for you, dude, if you'd only request

And everything you say is like iron

It smashes me up but it's brittle inside


You need love, baby, love, baby, love-don't you throw it away

It's the musk on your tongue and your hoof that are making me stay

In a bar in Sacramento on a cloudy afternoon

Cutting paper napkins into little crescent moons

Decision-making apparatus can't survive your death

"Good morning, Mr. Seagrove-have you met my dead friend Seth?"

No sir-I haven't had that pleasure yet

But everything you say is like acid

It eats me away but there's something inside


What am I going to do with myself if I lose you?

What am I going to do with myself if you stay?

Jesus could raise the dead, Jesus could fly

Jesus could raise the dead, Jesus could fly

No sweat. No sweat at all

And everything you say is an ocean

It's keeping me up but it's pulling me down



Робин Хичкок

Driving Aloud Radio Storm / Робин Хичкок

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