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Cynthia Mask


wore a black hat

ate lots of chicken

and conquered half europe


was caught by the british

imprisoned on elba

he died on the phone


came crawling from munich

with one piece of paper

he waved at the camera

peace in our time

oh thank you herr hitler

tell that to the polish

tell that to the jews

you take your babes

up to the bathroom

and then you lead

them into the bedroom

gnarly babes

for pleasure and profit

correctly applied

could bring good results

cynthia mask

you're wearing a cynthia mask

cynthia mask

you're wearing a cynthia mask

you're dressed as yourself

you walk down the pavement

you smile like a bowl

you grin like a melon

the people that pass

they think that they know you

they're too busy thinking

to see who you are

i'll reach your lungs

like smoke in the orchard

scattered in bushes

the firemen laughing

i'll rap your hands

with personal signals

don't come to me later

come to me now

cynthia mask

you're wearing a cynthia mask

cynthia mask

cynthia mask

i know how she feels

but can't say a word because

nothing is real in here

not even her

disguise yourself

as you or another

a brick or a spider

in hunger and silence

the yawning cross

the hill full of pebbles

inside you forever

inside you is all

cynthia mask

Робин Хичкок

Cynthia Mask / Робин Хичкок

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