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Робин Хичкок Робин ХичкокАнглийский певец, вокалист и гитарист

Agony Of Pleasure

in agony of pleasure

i crumble to my knees

i lick your frozen treasure

you cup my furry bees

but one bee bubbles over

your fleshy brimming cup

it falls into the clover

and lands all downside up

it crawls across your stomach

not far above the food

that you are still digesting

inside your large intestine

and into your hydrangea

it draws its furry legs

you're crouching like a stranger

that aches to lay her eggs

in ecstacy of pressure

you quiver in the jam

while naked angels measure

a piece of rotting ham

in symphonies of jelly

you play with my disease

while back across your belly

there crawl dusty bees

Робин Хичкок

Agony Of Pleasure / Робин Хичкок

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