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 Hin Onde Hin Ondeальтернативная группа


Glittering Mails To Warriors High

Strongest Blades To Men of Steel

Blades Upon Which We Shall Rise

We're The ones With The Paganheart

Proud Is Our Spirit,

Our Will Is Hard

We're The Ones With The Paganheart

To Conquer Back What Once Was Ours

Blades Which Will Cut Your Throats

Endowed With Unimaginable Strength

We Will Reduce You To Silence...

And So The Night Became And The

Battle Begun

One By one We Cut Down The Enemies

We Are Less In Number, But Our

Will Is Strong As Steel.

And So We March Under The

Banner of Ancient Pagan Empire!

Hin Onde

Paganheart / Hin Onde

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