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24th Of September 1155

Awakening At Dawn, To Horns Alarming Call.

Ships From The West Had Been Seen Heading

Towards Us. With The Sign of Cross They Would

Come To Enslave Our Land. In Vein They Spill Blood

Because Blind They Are To See. We Never Will Be

Slain, Our Heritage Will Always Remain.

Over These Hills

Along These Lakes,

In The Spirit of These Woods,

In Wind They'll Hear Our Call.

They'll Feel It In Their Heart As It Flows Through

Their Veins. With Northern Pride And Honour Will

Northmen See True From False. And False Men Will

Not Long Rule These Lands. There Will Come A Time

When Northmen In Our Spirit Will Draw Their Blades


No Matter How Outnumbered We Saddled Our Horses

Took Our Swords And Our Shields.

And Towards The Seashore Each one Headed.

Soon Realized Our Foes That We Can Not Be

Persuaded To Their Will.

But Neither Are We Here To Die.

We Came For Our Honour And For Our Heathen Pride.

After First Horse Galloped Ahead No Steps Were

Taken Back... Berserk We Fight!

And We Ride Forth,

And We Ride Forth,

Until Last of Us Will Fall.

Hin Onde

24th Of September 1155 / Hin Onde

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