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Last Night

Love always treated you

I had no reason to

You gave the best

Of your love sweet love to me

Someone emotional I just admitted it all

Now i would do anything

Could you give back baby

what i had for you baby

Chorus: Last night i had a break

last night i cried for yesterday

cause I let your love walk away

i cant sleep alone in this bed i made

i never thougt about

what it ment to turn you out

i told myself that

your love was to much for me

i was just blamming you

for what i was goin through

just to afraid to say

if i could feel you beside me

just one touch to remind me

fullest pride wont get you back in these arms again

(no it wont)

Chorus x2

i been thinking all night.....I been think all night

i shouldnt trusted your love in 2

i been thinking i dont wanna leave to it fate

so am just goin to pray just alittle

but isnt it to alittle to late

chorus x2

Дженнифер Лав Хьюитт

Last Night / Дженнифер Лав Хьюитт

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