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I Believe In

I saw the news today

Teenage boy blowed away

Another mother lost another only son

He learn his way at school

Fighting is the golden rule

For twenty dollars you can own a gun

I saw the words in red

Someone painted the visted

On the sign above the football field

I had to turn away

It hurts and sort of effect

Whats real


Cause i believe in

I believe in love

I believe the miricle in us

And no matter what they say

They can never take away

What i believe in

I believe in

In 1942 a demon army trampled through every inch

Of her forgot town

Her family hid away a secret place above dekay

And there they live and breath without a sound

Дженнифер Лав Хьюитт

I Believe In / Дженнифер Лав Хьюитт

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