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Кристин Херш Кристин ХершАмериканская панк певица

Houdini Blues

Oh no, don't you put me in that box

You know what you can do with those locks

Bet your life I'll come crawling out again

You'll have to deal with me then

You'll hear me on the wind

I've been on the other side of the Blue Ridge

Seen the Shenandoah rolling there

I stepped off the mountains edge

Just to climb the golden stair

I seen the streets up there

I been on the mount transfiguration

Been there with my Ma and my Pa

On the mountain of commandment

I been handed down the law

You should have seen what I saw

I fell to the bottom of Thales' well

Caught like a theif with a lamb

You know these stars they can cast a spell

I've been caught with red hands

I've been caught with red hands

I scaled the mountains, skiied the valleys

I've done the highs and the lows

I don't feel like work today

Hell I won't go

Bess I won't go

Just let me at their locks

We should all be free

Oh Bess, i swear I'll call

When I'm free from me

We should all be free

Кристин Херш

Houdini Blues / Кристин Херш

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