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Кристин Херш Кристин ХершАмериканская панк певица

Close Your Eyes

You can't make it

You can't cry

You can't make it home tonight

It's to far to walk

To your goddamn van

It's too hard to come by your hand

Drunk on nothing

Drunk all night

Mad at nothing

Close your eyes

You could run on iron lungs

It would not keep you clean

Run on iron lungs

It would not keep you sons of bitches clean

You think that they don't shatter you

You think that till they go

You think that they don't comfort you

Now go home

You can walk in moonlight

You can dance inside

You can dance in moonlight

Close your eyes

Stop, you ruined all my memories

You ruined all my memories

I wanna catch the falling babies

I'm falling into you

My hair's in your face

Eyes on your eyes

Hands on my back

I can't leave

I can't leave

A guy's asking questions about me

My hands are full of straw

I'm sliding really fast

My hands are full of snow

I don't understand

I don't understand puzzles

I can't breathe

Close your eyes

Кристин Херш

Close Your Eyes / Кристин Херш

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