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Dandy, Dandy

Where you gonna go now?

Who you gonna run to?

All your little life

You're chasin' all the girls

They can't resist your smile

Uh-hmm, they long for

Dandy, Dandy

Chattin' up the ladies

Ticklin' their fancy

Pourin' out your charms

To meet your own demands

And you turn it off at will

Huh-oh, they long for

Dandy, Dandy

Knockin' on the back door

Climbin' through the window

Hubby's gone away

And while the cat's away

The mice are gonna play

Uh-hmm, you low-down

Dandy, Dandy, Dandy

Dandy, you know you're moving much too fast

And Dandy, you know you can't escape the past

Look around you and see the people settle down

And when you're old and grey

You will remember what they said

That two girls are too many,

Three's a crowd and four you're dead

Oh Dandy, Dandy

When you gonna give up?

Are you feelin' old now?

You always will be free

And you need no sympathy

A bachelor you will stay

And Dandy you're all right

You're all right

You're all right

Hermans Hermits

DANDY / Hermans Hermits

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