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If You Need Me

If you need me, why don't you call me

Said, if you need me why don't you call me

Going too long when days go wrong I, I will be there

where I belong

Said if you want me, why don't you send for me

Said if you want, want, want, all you gotta do is send for me

Don't wait too long, when things go wrong. I, I will be there

where I belong

People always told me darling

That you didn't mean me no good

But I know, I know deep down in my heart

I've done the best I could

And I know it's gonna these days darling

and it won't be long

You're gonna be walking through that door of mine

and you're gonna say those lovely words

Oh yeah, I always believe...ohhh

I still love you always thinking of you

I still love, love, love oh yeah, I gotta love you

Don't wait too long, just pick up your phone

and I will be along right there where I belong

Hep Stars

If You Need Me / Hep Stars

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