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Another Time

Another time, you'll see my face

when you're not looking

and run to me to blindly ask

what's on your mind

Another time, you'll find me in a game

and ask if you can stay and play on

But another time has come

and already gone

Another time, your heart will sing the music

that I'm hearing

and find a way to answer all the questions

in my eyes

Another time, you'll lift your head and see your sky

that beckons you to try your wings at last

but another time has come,

another time has passed

Another time, the words that I am saying now

will loose their meaning

Because by then, we'll share the love

that now I'm only dreaming

Another time, you'll loose your doubts

so you won't come around to share a few

you left with me

But another time, I guess will never be

Another time, you'll want to part and say

you never knew me

Some other night you'll cry yourself to sleep

but you won't know it

Another time, you'll be the one who found her life

not knowing that his thoughts upon his death

But you'll understand another time,

so I guess I'll save my breath

Another time...

Hep Stars

Another Time / Hep Stars

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