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A Tale That Wasnt Right

Here I stand all alone

Have my mind turned to stone

Have my heart filled up with ice

To avoid it's breakin' twice

Thanx to you, my dear old friend

But you can't help, this is the end

Of a tale that wasn't right

I won't have no sleep tonight


In my heart, in my soul

I really hate to pay this toll

Should be strong, young and bold

But the only thing I feel is pain

It's alright, we'll stay friends

Trustin' in my confidence

And let's say it's just alright

You won't sleep alone tonight




With my heart, with my soul

Some guys cry you bought and sold

They've been strong, young and bold

And they say, play this song again


(Solo Licks Mike)


A Tale That Wasnt Right / HELLOWEEN

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