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Savage 326


You hear the people talking you walk the wrong street

Painting all things black and step on your feet

?Flabby stomach, styled hair? trousers full of air

Their morality is real ours isn?t there

Bridge :

They don?t know, no they can?t see

Our hearts close to the sun

Different in our hearts filled with

That faith we carry on

Chorus :

They just call us savage

That?s what I like to be

Let them call us savage

?Cause that?s what we like to be

See the people wonder we run in our direction

Let the narrow-minded sleep we better do some action

Across the universe you smell the smell of lies

I?m trying to be the winner not the sacrifice

Repeat bridge / chorus

See them run they know no fun

And look what they have done

In this world full of rules

We look just like fools

I know what they think when I see them lookin? at me


We come close every day to the time table life

So mart they start their backwards fight

I know what they think when I see them lookin? at me


One day they will drop the bomb

?Cause it?s necessary to show the power

One day they will give a shit on what you say

Repeat 2nd bridge

Repeat chorus

Typin' job done by Pierre-Jean Fontaine. July 31 1995.

I haven?t an Internet address, but you can write to me at :

Pierre-Jean Fontaine

Avenue Bel Horizon 48

B-1341 Ottignies



Savage 326 / HELLOWEEN

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