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Piss Up A Rope

my dinner's on fire while she watches tv

and if you ever wondered what it's like to be me

she takes all my money and leaves me no smokes

yells at my buddies and insults my folks

i'm breaking my back doin the best i can

she's got time for the dog and none for her man

well i'm no dope, but i can't cope

so hit the fuckin road and piss up a rope


you can.... piss up a rope

and you can put on your shoes hit the road get truckin

pack your bag, i don't need the agg

on your knees you big booty bitch start suckin

you ride my ass like a horse and a saddle

now you're up shits creek with a turd for a paddle

and i can't cope, piss up a rope

you can piss up a rope and feel the pissy dribble

you can piss up a rope and watch me giggle

for the last 6 months i've been packing your bag

you can wash my balls with a warm wet rag

till my balls feel smooth and soft like silk

i'm sick of your mouth and your 2% milk

and i'm no dope, but i've lost all hope

so hit the fuckin road and piss up a rope

chorus x3


Piss Up A Rope / HELLOWEEN

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