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Number One [5:14]

[Music & lyrics: M. Weikath]

Each time when one more year was over

You refused to hear heavven's bells sound

And the happiness in you heart's been set lower

You were searching for friends but no one seemed to be 'round

You merely should think of the good times

'Cos there are so many ways you can go

Take a look at yourself, you're still very young

And big aims always take very long

Now it's time for happiness, stay hard and trust your fate

Don't forget you're something else you'll never be too late

Trust your fathers' mighty spell you'll never be alone

Fate will always turn out well and you'll be number one

Shout at the world don't care what they say

'Cos your life is now, here and today

Luck is there, ev'rywhere

Go on, reap its goods, that's the way

You wanna have truth, relief from your pain

But life takes its toll again and again

Don't fear the night--your future is paid

And the tracks to your aims are laid

Now it's time. . .


Number One [5:14] / HELLOWEEN

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