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Heavy Metal Hamsters 328

Music: M. Weikath, Lyrics: M. Weikath/ M. Kiske]

There are some fellows soft and mellow

Sitting in the field and play like hell

No one knows the way it goes

But all the songs they play they sound so well

Tonight we go to see the Heavy Metal Hamsters

It must feel nice to be a Heavy Metal Hamster

Nothing sets you free like our Heavy Metal Hamsters

A 20th century Fox came by

A gold tipped cigarette high in his jaws

contracts, PDs, Nose-Bags, TV-shows

And everything with no remorse

Things are settled now for our Heavy Metal Hamsters

Fame up to your brows, oh Heavy Metal Hamster

A previously unknown lifestyle Heavy Metal Hamster

The sweet taste of success is strong

And everything inside goes wrong you see

With coloured furs, sunglasses

Tons of nuts to eat, they don't feel free

What is wrong with our Heavy Metal Hamster?

Look what they have done our Heavy Metal Hamsters

Where is the field to run for our Heavy Metal Hamsters

Some things are left undone for our Heavy Metal Hamsters


Heavy Metal Hamsters 328 / HELLOWEEN

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