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Dr Stein [5:03]

[Music + lyrics: M. Weikath]

Once they killed his monster when it went into a trap

now he's making better ones on a higher step

Bridge: On a warm summer day the doctor went away

to a place where he could make it real

his assistant's hips were nice

so he cloned her once or twice

now his hips are aching what a deal

Chorus: Dr. Stein grows funny creatures

lets them run into the night

they become

[1] great rock musicians

[2] great politicians

[3] a great possession

[4] a great oppression

Sometimes when he's feeling bored

he's calling it a day

he's got his computers and they do it their own way

Bridge: They mix some DNA, some skina and a certain spray

you can watch it on a laser screen

and the fellow's blue and grey

or sometimes pink and green

just check it out on Halloween

Chorus: Dr. Stein grows funny creatures. . .

[Solo: Mike/Kai/Mike/Kai]

Bridge: One night he cloned himself

put his brother on a shelf

but when he fell asleep that night

it crept up from behind and thought "well never mind"

took a syringe and blew out his life


Dr Stein [5:03] / HELLOWEEN

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