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Don?t Run For Cover 448


You hide, won??t fight

Avoid the daylight

Give in, won??t win

No try to make it right

Why don??t you stop crying

Stop your painful dying

Why don??t you give your life a sense

One game, one aim

But you??re always sleeping

One light so bright

In darkness you??re creeping

Why don??t you use your head

Step out of your warm bed

And stop being on anxious rat

Bridge :

Run - for your destination

Fly - to the sun

Don??t give a damn what the people may say

It??s like a chain on your leg

When you always look back

If you don??t risk anything one day you??ll pay

Chorus :

Don??t run for cover

Don??t cry alone

Make a step on your stairway

One step closer to what you live for

Don??t run for cover

Don??t throw away

The only chance that you got

To be the fire in a hot life you choose

No pride, no right ?

In your heart is more strength

You know, I know

Your destiny??s in your hand

Now you have this time

To survive don??t be blind

In this world where so many can??t see

Bridge :

Try - to catch the key

Make - that you can see

The light of your life your way to go

Repeat chorus

Solo : both / Kai / both / Kai

Repeat bridge / chorus

Typin' job done by Pierre-Jean Fontaine. July 31 1995.

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Pierre-Jean Fontaine

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Don?t Run For Cover 448 / HELLOWEEN

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