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Look Inside America

good morning lethargy
drink pepsi is good for energy
the bath`s on, smoke in the bedroom
sore throat and on my neck a nasty bruise
where it came from, well i don`t know
we played last night, it was a good show

got the play out
on a second rate chatshow
it`s a nationwide deal, so we gotta go
chuck from the company says
it`ll be alright
got an ad on K-ROQ
and there`s an in-store tonight
well i build things up
then i let them go
got to get time share on the radio

look inside of america,
she`s alright she`s alright
sitting out the distance
but i`m not trying to make her min
look inside of america
with it`s kookie nights and suicide
where the tv says it`s alright
coz everybody`s hung up
on something or other

steppin` off in 20 so the driver says
i should sleep tonight
but i think i`ll watch videos instead
annie hall leaves NY in the end
press rewind woody gets her back again
and the whole world

could have passed thru` me
but i don`t know
if it means
that much to me


coz` everybody strung out
on something or other
and the whole world
could have passed thru`me
but i don`t know
if it means that much to me


Look Inside America / Blur

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