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 Heaven 17 Heaven 17синт-поп трио

We Live So Fast

Please don't ask me to stay

I'm leaving this town

Don't worry now

Believe me as I believe that

Luck is on my side

The future is mine

If I can find

A way through these strange days of my life


We live so fast

Motion, motion

No time to waste

Use it, use it

We live so fast

Motion, motion

Make the first step and reach out for tomorrow

We live so fast

Motion, motion

We can't stand still

Move it, move it

We live so fast

Motion, motion

Move out of my way it's time to make it happen

The streets deserted and cold

They're not paved with gold

But I don't care

For those who think young will still survive

Making their move

Hoping to prove

That they can face

This big city, small world, big time


But now I know their ways

I found my place

Saw their true face

There's nothing to stay for so I'll go

I'll pick up the phone

Still searching for home

We life so fast

Alone but not lonely I move on


Heaven 17

We Live So Fast / Heaven 17

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