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 Heaven 17 Heaven 17синт-поп трио

Geisha Boys And Temple Girls

Look ahead, on the screen,

Slim perfect creatures and they're just 16

Their eyes meet, this is it,

The contact so much more than words can transmit

he stands up, she gives in,

Their first encounter, their embrace within

A short ride, they arrive,

There is no doubt that true love will survive


We are the geisha boys

Doing it wrong again

They are the chosen ones

Doing it right

Here come the temple girls

Looking for sanctuary

Naked as advertised

For the first tie

Here we are late at night

We are both refugees

There is no easy way

Let it be right

Anything's possible

If you can fake it, but

The wrong place is anywhere

If you're not right

If you turn away from the screen

Another version can be seen

She is black, he is white

They love each other but they also fight

Back from work, she's not home

Another evening angry, all alone

She arrives and he departs

Misunderstandings, then the breakdown starts


There's not much that you can do

Choose either one of them it could be you

The first time could be the only time

The odds against you and your hopes decline

Do it right, do it wrong

Console yourself that either won't last long

Geisha boys and temple girls

Make contact or remain in separate worlds


Heaven 17

Geisha Boys And Temple Girls / Heaven 17

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