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Gimme More

Twenty four seven and a three sixty five

I am in full effect and I ain't taking no jive

I got the masterplan cause I'm desaster man

And I live by the 'gets' not by the 'gives' cause I can't

Damn, you can't give you always take, take, take

Take and break and that is wrong wait

Wrong for God's sake, too much, wake up

You got it going on

Too long for you, for me to take and just stake...

Kindness, friendship, all the people offer?

All the understandings you would say but I want more

More, more, more but what is more on your score?

If you get a whole lot but everything is a bore

Cause what you get is not at all

All you thought it'd be

Dissapointed my man, hell - well 1-2-3

Now quit it kid and try the 'gives' not the 'gets'

But I want this I want that, gimme more I'm upset

I just can't take you no more


Gimme more, gimme more, - ah gimme more -

What are you waiting for, just gimme, gimme more

So you want this and that hey what's your best bet

Well I don't know for sure, but I sure need it fast

Guess I just need a grip on your private notions

Hell, that is none of your biz and that's a shitty motion

What you don't care don't need no understanding

Just demanding, just demanding

Your life and love's don't give me if's and but

Cause if I give I lose, I can't afford no cuts

But I'm not yours, no, not at all

You can't just take me out

I ain't no shopping mall

I gotta -

Get in return a bit from me to learn?

What? What I'm all about, no that is my turn

Earn and get as much as I can

But what's i


Gimme More / H-Blockx

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