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Том Хайден Том Хайден Американский политический деятель


When I was younger, a part-time job worker

Department store centre, I saw a man enter

He was middle-aged, deep lines on his face

Tight mouth and eyes glazed

Eyelids just half-raised

And I looked at him, he looked at me

He looked so sad, I had to see

What did he want, what could it be

What had he been through before me seeing him

In the store I worked for that year, that year

Ice skates he asked for, In the middle of summer

He wanted a good pair, the price he did not care

I looked for his size, our best pair he tried

Costom back and sides, excitement in his eyes


I asked are you a pro, he looked sad and said no

These skates are my last hope

Without them i cannot cope

And he said my wife, she drowned this summer

Behind our house, the river took her

I cannot swim, I need to find her

I will wait till it freezes over

And then I will skate, as far as it takes

I will skate as far as it takes, to bring her back home

To bring her back home, to bring her back home

Back home

Том Хайден

Skates / Том Хайден

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