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Том Хайден Том Хайден Американский политический деятель

Bass Song

The day after the storm

I didnt leave the house at all

They assumed from the lack of prints in the snow

That I had been away for some time

But I was upstairs

And I couldn't hear them

With my headphones on, recording a song

They broke my windows

And walked inside, beneath me as I played on

Unaware of what was going on

As my song began to fade

I heard whispering and then I couldn't breath

They were walking up the stairs

Towards me as I looked for somthing to try and scare them away

And I couldn't find shit

So I grabbed my bass guitar by the neck and held it above me

And hid by the top of the stairs and thats where I was found

5 days after I hit the ground

Том Хайден

Bass Song / Том Хайден

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